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customer acquisition

Increase Customer Acquisition

  • Transform visitors into leads and sales
  • Find the optimal acquisition channels mix
  • Gain momentum with your new product launches
marketing activation

Optimize Customer Activation

  • Transform visitors into active users, leads and sales
  • Streamline the user journey towards activation
  • Track the right metrics
customer retention

Improve Customer Retention

  • Understand who's leaving and why
  • Decrease your churn
Generate Revenue

Generate More Revenue

  • Maximize your free trial and freemium conversions
  • Upsell and Cross-sell
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We are like scientists, we test everything. That's why we developped several projects on which we test the limits of digital marketing innovation.

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Client Testimonials
I highly recommend David for a C-position in any start-up and for any mid- to large-cap company seeking an innovator. He is definitely the swiss knife one needs to be successful on its digital journey.
Alexis Delbaere
COO Swisscore Group
I hired David as a consultant during 2 years. He took over all digital activities for MITC. He helped us structure and implement a growth strategy which strongly contributed to MITC's growth. He's always looking for optimal solutions to reach the objectives.
maurice hoffstetter
Maurice Hoffstetter
CEO & Founder MITC